Monday, April 16, 2007

My Family - - The Larson's

I must start out with the family, for they are central to my life and have been for ooh about 25 years, 8 months, and 15 days. My Dad's name is Jeffrey he is pretty much the coolest, always encouraging me to shoot for the stars and make my dreams a reality. Mom who in the real world is called Deniece is the most giving and caring person, she is a pre-school teacher and she often tests out her little songs and activities on her own kids we all giggle like 3 year olds when she make us sing those silly songs. Tiff is the next, she is married to David Otterstrom they have the two most adorable little buckeroos in the world. The first little cowboy is Justus, he is 2 years old and he loves to sing songs, well he did until I made him sing them so many times that everytime I ask him to sing now he says "Mommy can" but when I trick him into it my favorite is I Love to See the Temple. Then there is little Ziek a mild mannered little feller but very determined, he looks just like Grandpa Larson. I am the second child, smack in the middle, I am working and living with the most stupendous roomies ever! No I'm not dating anyone at the moment! Then the only boy sibling in the family Todd, he buzzes around town on his little scooter, it makes him look European to me for some reason...hmm, out of all the children I would consider him the most high maintenance, go figure. Keli is next she married Jacob Langston (she might as well have kept Larson as her last name, they are pretty much the same) almost one year ago. They currently live in Idaho, I keep telling them if they have twins I will move to Boise and be their nanny.. haven't heard anything yet. They are all pretty swell, couldn't ask for anything more!

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