Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ninos de Ecuador

When we truly behold our little ones, we behold the glory, wonder, and majesty of God, our Eternal Father
In sala tres my favorite little boy was Felippe- he is the one sitting on my lap in the picture. He was one of the biggest stinkers, the highly respected leader of the little "Crib Hopper Gang". He could figure out how to climb, jump, swing, hurdle, any object that stood in his way. One day the babies were outside on their little patio. I was in changing diapers, I looked out the window and there he was my little bull-legged Felippe standing on his tippy toes on a toy drum, wiggling the lock. The best part about it was that he had his little posse behind him standing in a half circle (trying to help conceal the attempt) cheering him on quietly- as to not let the nuns hear... These little kids are not dumb, they know exactly how to be naughty to the max, but in a sneaky sort of way. I watched them for a minute. This was not a wimpy lock it was a heavy duty, industrial strenghth latch-often times it was hard for me to get open. I never thought he would succeed in his little escape attempt... yeah, I was wrong! By the time I got from the changing table around the corner and out the door... it was too late- it was like a flood of two year olds out into the field, it was all fun and games for them- but have you ever tried to round up 15- 2 year olds, I swear they had planned it perfectly, they knew exactly what to do when the gate swung open- run as fast as you can in 100 different directions. Genius little kids!?! So naughty but so cute!!!

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natalie.horrocks said...

I want to go to Ecuador!! Are you going there again?