Thursday, August 30, 2007

Justus and the Cake Most Special

The Little Boy and The Cake
Grandpa... GiveMe More!!!
Yummy! Hot Pink Frosting!
Come on Uncle Todd, it's just a fork!

The Little Boy and the Cake

The greatest memory of this birthday involves incredible enthusiasm involving the above birthday cake and this little red head. For my birthday I went to dinner with my family at the Pie (didn't realize it's somewhat of a harsh environment for little people, big people too for that matter). Tiff and David were there with the boys a little before my Mom, Dad, Todd and I arrived. As we walked in the door I noticed Justus and Ziek sitting at the table, Tiff and David were there too but they aren't as adorable as the boys. Anyway, as soon as J-Dawg noticed me his eyes got big and he stood up on the bench and started hitting the seat, of course Todd ran over thinking he was thrilled to see him, little did he know it was all about me! After we ordered our 4 pizzas, (remember there were only 6 adults and two little people, I know Mom, leftovers for years, it's just the way you are, I will be just like you, and I love you more for it!) I went to sit down and Justus starts getting really excited about the cake that he picked out special for me, which was what he was hitting on the seat when we walked in, so you see it wasn't Todd he was excited to see.. it was all about the cake and his Aunt Wendy. Then Tiff related the following tale of my little J-Dawg and Aunt Wendy's birthday cake. Tiff had told Justus that they were going to pick out a a cake as soon as they picked David up from work, he was so excited, he could hardly stand it when they had to stop at home first, finally they made it to the fine pastry shop known as Smiths Bakery and sent Justus over to pick the perfect cake for his aunt Wendy who absolutely adores him! After parusing the fine options he stopped abruptly and said "Aunt Wendy's Cake" there was no question, this was IT and I couldn't have agreed more, it's got hot pink frosting, how could he have known. I tell you we are truly bestest buddies! This is what life is all about, a cake with pink frosting and a little red head. It truly doesn't get any better than that!
Last, but absolutely not least! Thanks for a wonderful 26 years Mom and Dad, you are truly the most wonderful parental units!

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Jimmy & Missy said...

wow those kids are getting big. Thank you for posting more...I sure do enjoy reading them! Tell your wonderful family hello for us.