Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bryce Canyon Half-Marathon: V-Day (V for Victory) July 21, 2007

Erika, Kristina, JaNae, Me
After the big race and before the long drive home.

Clearly these two are wowed by the overwhelming beauty of it all!

Pit-stop Fillmore, after driving through the whole town we decided to eat here, "where is here" you may ask... and I would answer "somewhere"!

Isn't this a lovely shot! I mean the valley in the background, we are pretty cute too!

Lullaby & Good Night! This is our place of rest the night before the big race. It's a long entertaining story, but I don't have time to summarize so maybe in the future you will get the whole of it! Yep, that's right on the lawn of the Cannonville Ward House.

We are visitiors, therefore we are welcome!

Morning of the race, look at Tina admiring her older sibling!

Erika...are you ready to go yet?

No.. I'm not going to wear the sweatshirt when I run!

Rise and Shine!

WE DID IT!!! This picture is deceiving, you can't really see how much pain we are really in!


Jimmy & Missy said...

Good job on the marathon! How do you like your new apartment? Send pictures!

JaNae said...

I loved this trip!!!!