Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ode to My Little Sister

Capitol Reef National Park
Hiking into Bridal Veil Falls
The day before the "Big Day"

I have a fabulous friend, Her name is Keli Michelle, she is my baby sister. I am five years her elder in real people years... but come on who really cares about age it really makes no difference, especially when you are on the upper flip side of the 20's which is why I choose to dismiss age altogether. We are best friends well I think she would say her "true" best friend is her husband Jacob but we are the girly type of best friends, ya know. I would say our best friendship started around August 2004 in Rexburg Idaho. Keli was a new little freshman who cried when Mom and Dad dropped her and left her alone with 5 other freshmen girls in Beehive Manor #101. I was the confident experienced senior who resided just upstairs in #207, who felt that she had some type of firm grip on this earthly adventure we choose to call life. So it began we shared heartbreaks, roommate dilemmas, a car, text books, study sessions, miles and miles of running through the streets of R-burg, food, friends and many more serious and not so serious adventures. We were now in the same situation in life, university students trying to make our place in our limited Idaho world. We since have both left and gone our separate ways... she went north with the love of her life Jacob and I went south to find the love of mine. Still havent' found him. (**But if you are the one who introduces me to him you can have first pick of our wrap and reuse wedding gifts, and we will seriously consider naming our first child after you! You think I'm joking... WELL I'M NOT**). Keli is now about to become a mommy and I couldn't be more thrilled for her and Jacob, whom I do like and who is perfect for her. Thought I was a little bent out of shape when he stepped into the picture, I thought for a brief moment he was taking my best friend away but I have since discovered that he too is becoming a great friend, more now that they have made me an aunt to little Addison!


JaNae said...

I have the perfect name is Justin Gas:) Can't wait to meet your first child...JaNae Gas:)

Keli Langston said...

Wendy, I love it!!! Thank you! Yup, I'd have to agree that we are still best friends, and I can't wait for you to be an aunt to our little Addison. Hopefully we can move to Utah so you can spoil her, and make you her favorite aunt!

Jacob Langston said...

Nice Ode. Loved it. And Wendy, I am glad that are and I are becoming amazing friends. And I hope we can move down there so we can hang out more and become even better friends