Saturday, December 1, 2007

In Evertything Give Thanks!

I am realizing, well actually I realized a long time ago but I am still in awe of everything I have been blessed with, all my blessings come from one who I have a testimony of and these blessings are in fact a witness to me that He knows me. I believe this year while playing the 3 Corn Kernel Thankful game I mentioned these three things specifically 1) prayer, 2)opportunity, 3) little people, specifically Jug Bug, Zieke, and Addison. So with that here are a few highlights of my 2007 Thanksgiving Day Holiday - - ENJOY!
The very pregnant little sister and her hubby Jacabo came to celebrate the festivities. This is Todd's line everytime he see's Keli... "You're Huge" may I just recommend that this line not be used toward a very pregnant woman..
A blessing from the dear old gramps!

The eating area, thanks Mom, Dad, Keli and Jacob for all your decorating expertise!

My brother Todd "ham carver" Larson. Please don't make fun of the sweater (remember the golden rule), it was the first thing he bought when he returned home from his mission, it was $3.00 and this is the first time he has ever worn it, and he just celebrated his two year home from the mission anniversary. Just a word of advice for you little bro.. pink is okay but purplish pink avoid at all cost!

The day started out with the little guys...and not so little guys participating in the annual leaf smashing contest.

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Kim & Devin said...

Wendy! Wow, I could have sworn that picture of your little sister was you! You guys look a lot a like. Your pictures are so cute. I hope everything is amazing for ya!