Monday, December 10, 2007

Odd Days of Christmas

Thanks to my parental units for providing a little extra holiday fun!
It's basically the Twelve Days of Christmas with a little twist. There is only one rule.
THE RULE: Open one gift every other day...on the odd days of the month.
Sounds pretty simple to abide by, right. Nope it's not, I struggle. This has caused me to revert back to my "snooping days" which I thought I had grown out of many a Christmas' ago. JaNae just looks at me and rolls her eyes, she has given up on trying to persuade me to wait until the appointed day. Mom, she's tried I promise, I just can't control my excitement!
Instead of opening on the odd days of the month I have decided I can open one gift each odd day eve. It seems like a fair deal, after all growing up we got to open a gift (p.j's) every Christmas Eve. I think its a pretty fair trade off.
Shaking and peeling back the paper less than an two inches doesn't count as snooping!

Each day has a little message that pertains to the gift here are the gifts so far.
December 1st - Hershey's Kisses - On this odd day for you little Misses couldn't find mistletoe so heres some Holiday Kisses.
December 3rd - Soup with the labels removed - On this odd day choose which soup from two Dad took the labels off as a surprise for you.
December 5th - ??? Can't remember
December 7th - Gingerbread hot pad & dish cloth - On this odd day what could you ask for more than a cute gingerbread boy to help with the chores.
December 9th - Little board with "Believe" on it - On this odd day helping you to berceive that there really is a Santa all you need to do is "Believe"

Stay tuned for the rest of the odd days until Christmas!


Jimmy & Missy said...

Very very cute. Leave it up to your mother to be so creative. It definitely runs in the genes.

JaNae said...

Thank you for mentioning my name on your blog:)

TODD said...

I haf no Idea odd days would become famous. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing it. Now that I know what I'm doing who knows how Odd next Christmas can be!
Love ya Mom