Friday, December 21, 2007


For all of you out there who are suffering this is for you! I just got the below prose from my dear cousin Natalie. If you just want to chuckle or smirk a little this is where it's at! (I hope I'm not violating any copyright laws) READ ON...

'Tis the Season.
Winter time has finally come
the trees no longer make their leafy hum.
The snow falls to coat the world in white
people are bundled up really tight.
Decorations are hung and lights do glow
but there is something else you should know.
While some are sing of Santa and mangers,
I'm singing of the winter dangers.
Because 'tis the season to be sick
no, this is not a trick.
Because coughing and sneezing are on their way
sniffling and sore throats will ruin your day.
Vitamin C, cough drops and tissues are your friends
you'll be glad when it all finally ends
and you can breathe not only out of one nostril, but two,
and smell again the sweet Christmas stew.
So remember and beware of the wintery cold
that preys on the young, and the very old.
Because 'tis the season to be sick
Happy Winter from a groovy Chick!

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