Sunday, January 20, 2008

08'...Will It Be Great?

Celebrate! - NON ALCOHOLIC Sparkling Cider!!!!!!
New Years Eve 2007-08
Old and New Roommates Unite.
The year 2008 has just begun. I can feel this is going to be one of the greatest years of my life. Mostly because I was born in the 8th month in the year 81 at 8:18 and I am going into my 28th year of life, I'll only be 27...but think about it (if you disagree talk to Kandis, remember she's a CPA) do you think all of these 8s in my life are a coincidence? It's destiny this year is going to be a "blow-you-out-of-the-water" year! I don't know quite yet what's going to make it so great but I just have a feeling. Here are some possible reasons:

  1. All of my siblings will be married so I will get the spoils of being practically the only child!

  2. I share a room with one of the coolest persons ever, she never gets mad when I talk about her boyfriends 1, 2, 3, 4, and soon to be 5.

  3. I will be studying and taking the GRE - - why, I am not sure yet.
  4. My little nephews both can say my name and they run to me before their Dad (well it happened once, but it's bound to happen again.)
  5. The weather can only get better!
  6. I will learn more about the Book of Mormon and the prophets there-in and the Prophet Joseph Smith.
  7. Gas prices will go down or I will start riding the bus... whatever it is, I will be saving some mullah.
  8. My new motto for the year is... "What do You Say to Taking Chances" thank you Celine Dion.


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JaNae said...

I am not drinking alcohol...

Erika Bassett said...

My dear sounds like you're in for a crazy year. You know what they say about those "crazy 8's"!!! Of course, it looks like it's your year so I predict that you'll find a guy who is crazy for you! =0)

stephanie said...

Oh Wendy, how come you are so darn cute???? I believe you 100% about the whole 8 thing. This year is going to be your year sis!!! Love you tons and tons