Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bash of the Birthday Sort - It's My Mom's Big Day!

Just what Grandma's want to do on their birthday, cuddle with their darling granddaughters.
Keli and Jacob wrapped won ton's for the big Chinese feast. Hang in there Jacob, with just 4 more hours of practice you can be as advanced at wrapping as me! It was a fun night, Justus & Ziek helped grandma blow out the candles on her cake made by pastry chef "J-Dawg". Everyone except me noticed that when we sang the Happy Birthday Song we all sang "happy birthday dear Grandma, happy birthday to you" we didn't even think to say Mom, that is when you know you are old...or that the little ones are again the center of your life.

Grandpa, Jacob, and the boys wrestling...where is David and Todd? WIMPS!
Ready on the count of three... BLOW. Justus has his counting down, with Ziek it may take a few more months.

Justus holding Addie for the very first time. I think he needs a little sister. Hmmm.


Dan and Katherine Miller said...

Wendy, hello! Cute pictures by the way, I remember when you made those wrap things for us in rexburg a while ago... Can I have the recipe and also Dan and I made our blog private so I was wondering if I could get you e-mail address so that I can add you onto the readers list so you can see our Blog... you can e-mail me at my old school account... Thanks!!!!!

Keli Langston said...

FUn pictures, can't wait to get some more with the family!!!