Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mi Casa, JaNae's Casa, Kel's Casa - - Everyone's Casa

MY STROKE OF JEANIOS -- or is it GEENOS - - actuall I think it's GENIUS.
Whatever it is, It was a pretty dog gone good idea. I bought the plastic Rubbermaid drawers because it seems like I am always moving or rearranging something and I hated moving my heavy dresser all the time. The only problem is the plastic isn't very, let's just say modest. So, I was in Wal-Mart and I had the brilliant idea to put paper at the front to hide the contents. So this is how it turned out.
By the way I know how to spell genius, just in case you were wondering, it was supposed to be a joke. I was in GT you know. :)

This is a picture of our room, one thing you can't tell is that JaNae's bed is just a wee length from the foot of mine, it's tight quarters but not too bad. I just feel bad her head is that near my feet. She hasn't complained thus far. Kind of a cute little room don't you think?

The new place, the best thing about it is there is one small step and I can get to my car in less than 5 minutes which was never the case at Turnberry. Can I just say they need some serious solution to their parking conditions. No more climbing over a fence in a skirt in the middle of winter, but it was a good thing it was still winter because it was still dark at 6:20 AM when I was leaving for work. Hallelujah!

Some Carnation Instant Breakfast to celebrate!

This is our Kitchen and JaNae's food in the cupboard. And my Ikea dishes on the counter, I can't use any other type of bowl! I love them, for all of you who don't have them... YOU NEED TO GET THEM, preferably today. But tomorrow is okay too!


Anonymous said...

Maybe when you come back i will have adopted this paper in the rubbermaid really does look so much better. Sorry for making fun of it. You were right I was were in GT I wasn't. You are in boise and I am home alone...I bought some apples and you can have some:) Sharing that is the thing to do. Do you have some extra paper I can use? Be safe!

Devin said...

I wish I were as cute/creative as you! That is so adorable!

naomi said...

those turned out super cute. what a great idea!!!

Becky said...

I love your idea of the paper on the plastic drawers. How creative are you?!?! They look really cute and so does the new place!

Kim & Devin said...

Wendy! I don't know if you have gotten the notification yet, but we are officially having a reunion on March 14th and 15th! We are having a slumber party at Beth's house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is sending out invites, so look for more info in the mail. BUT, plan on those days!!!

kris said...

Brilliant! Very creative. So, uh, what Ikea dishes are these? I can't tell.