Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Touch Backs!

Good evening everyone, I have been tagged so I will willingly comply with Dawnell's request that I answer the following questions:
Where was I...
  1. 20 Years Ago. These were the "adorable" years of my life. I was the tender age of 6 1/2. I had 3 siblings (I still have 3 siblings). I was in the first grade at Copper Hills elementary school. I loved to sing "You're a Grand Old Flag" taught to me by Mrs. Ross. That's all I could muster up out of my memory.
  2. 10 Years Ago. Like Dawnell I too was a Junior in High School, unlike Dawnell I was super awkward and shy. Miranda, Jenny, and I were the best of friends. I was introduced to Golden Phoenix thanks to the Yuens. (It's a great Chinese place for all of you who are looking for authenticity. 1270 S. State St.) I can't read the menu, but great food! I asked a boy to a dance, my first dance. His name was Cameron Smith, he's now happily married to my best friend Miranda. Don't worry we are still friends! But they do say if polygamy every comes back I can be the first sister wife. I desperately wanted to be like my older sister Tiffany.
  3. 5 Years Ago. I was contemplating transfering to the little Y of Idaho. A truly inspired decision, Heavenly Father knows me that's for sure! I had been working at the Distribution Center with the coolest mentor ever, Michelle Stayner. Tiffany had just returned home from her mission in sunny California. We were discussing a family vacay to see the Church sites back east. I was starting to date him... I can't give his name, but it starts with the 6th letter of the alphabet and ends with the missing color of the primary type: Blue, Yellow, and _______, he broke my heart a few months thereafter. Good times! My best friend got engaged under the Eifel Tower to Cameron.
  4. 1 Year Ago. I had just moved into Kandizzle's Pad, well actually I had been there for about 2 months. Another tender mercy, Heavenly Father knows me so well! Sis. Dine and Dawnell had joined the work force in the Translation Division, we instantly became true friends, mostly because Dawnell told me she knew Meagan Follows (spell) personally. I decided I was going to train for a half-marathon with my two roomates Erika and JaNae. UNEXPLAINABLY AWESOME TIMES RUNNING THROUGHT THE STREETS OF THE "HOOD"! "YOU'RE WELCOME".


NaOmi said...

i love reading your blog you are too funny the way you write so matter of fact. awesome!

Becky said...

You are so cute!! What a fun post!