Saturday, March 15, 2008

Two Years Since...

Well my friends... I just wanted to let everyone know that it's been two years since we were in Ecuador. By "we" I mean the beautiful people in the photo's below.
This was THEN

Here is NOW

We were all perfect strangers until we met in a fascinating new country. We bonded over
Bon Ice, babies, and big adventure.
Thanks to Beth and Kim for arranging the reunion. Lots has happeneded in the lives of many of us. Katie and Britt have served or are currently serving missions. Becky, Kim, and Beth are all married. Danika is engaged to be married to Lee (the handsome young lad in the back of the above picture). Eric has traveled the world. No one is really sure what Tasha is up to, other than she lives in Logan. Anna I hope is still alive (she was pretty sick in Ecuador). Sarah and I were roomates for a short time after we returned home. Ashely is back in Ecuador assisting the Chicaizas. Am I forgetting someone? Several other interesting facts were made known, but those will have to wait to be shared.
I loved my time here and am so greatful for the many wonderful people I met and friends that I have made. One thing I learned from my brief time in Ecuador is how incredibly special each one of us individually is to our Heavenly Father, it doesn't matter if you were born into wealth here in the United States or you are an orphan in Ecuador we are all His and he loves us!

Here are a couple of pictures from our many adventures. Sorry I don't have a better selection, or pictures of the kids. I have limited resources at my current location, even then I'm not sure if it's legal to post the picts of the little ones, so I will just stick with us to be safe.


Erika Bassett said...

Reunions are the best! Looks like there have been many good memories! Recently Sis. Wallace taught Relief Society and showed slides from Operation Smile. It made me think of you.

Kim & Devin said...

Oh geez. I just can't say how much I love this!

naomi said...

i can't believe it's been already two years since you wne ton that trip. i remember hearing all about it. i am jealous you had such a great experience.

kris said...

Has it been two years already? Wow! I remember it too. How's the new job, by the way?