Monday, April 14, 2008

Purchase of the Week - - the Sequel

Giro Helmets from Sports Authority - $29.99
Death prevention - PRICELESS

After a rather eventful death defying ride to Liberty Park and a motorist proclaiming our stupidity for not wearing helmets last Friday, JaNae and I agreed it was better for us to not try to defy death and get helmets. So here you go! What will the next purchase of the week be?


Erika Bassett said...

Wendy, you're so creative! I love the way you put your blogs together! It always makes me laugh! Congrats first on defying death and second on getting helmets! They're very stylish! My guess is that your next purchase will be running shoes-$49.99 saving souls-priceless!

Vincent Feith said...

Hey Wendy,

Lovely helmets! But are they really that the Netherlands, research has shown that wearing a helmet is actually not as save as you might think. The reason: Motorists are not as cautious passing a biker with a helmet as they would with a biker without a helmet. Interesting huh? Your helmet looks great though, it even matches your eyes (in the picture at least), what more could you wish for!