Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grandpa and the Grump

This last holiday weekend I made a spur of the moment trip. Originally JaNae and I were going to go to Zions but because of the crummy weather we decided not to go south. So at the last minute I decided to head out to the great Uinta Basin to the home of my grandparents youth. I was in a super grumpy mood something to do with golf clubs, the price of gas, and stupid boys. I made the 90 mile trip in record time!

I got to Tabby and it was cold, stinkin cold and I only took sandals which added to my irritation! Over Wolf Creek there was still feet of snow on the ground. Natalie was there with lots of her friends from the Rexburg. I was still on the sour side. I was inside talking to my mom, grandma, and aunt Teri. They kept telling me to go outside and play with the cute boys from the Rex. I really didn't want to...remember the stupid boy comment in the first paragraph, I still had them all lumped into that category besides they were all youngsters. Eventually I decided it wasn't going to do me any good to sit inside and brood, so I wandered out mostly to please the well-meaning lady relatives inside. Grandpa was just pulling up in his little hot rod of a golf cart with spinners on the wheels so I asked him to take me for a ride. We left the property and headed up the lane he pulled a quick Uey (U-turn) and we pulled into another cabin's drive. He told me to get out and go knock on the door (not unusual for him to do funny stuff like this) he's the patriarch of the family so I obeyed. Paula (my soon to be new friend and possible aunt-in-law, ha ha) answered the door and saw G-pa in his cart and came out to chat. Somehow the topic got turned to me. Then grandpa asked if she knew anyone who was single. Funny my life is funny! These type of awkward moments rarely phase me anymore. I just laugh about them. So the next blind date of my life was set up with Paula's nephew Corey. He called the other day. I called him back but just left a message. So who knows. Another blind date for me just around the corner. When we got back to the cabin grandpa walked in and told my mom to start planning a wedding - - ooh my hecka heck, he's so funny and if you want to meet a great, funny, "says it like it is" man you should meet my Grandpa White! My life is made up of these awkward moments, can anything be normal with me? Somehow I don't think so. I went hiking with Nat and her friends and the day was better. THE END

Grandpa's Sweet Ride

Nat's friends from the Rex

Me and Nat on the hike, I look happy.

Later that night my grandpa gave me some great advice for life and the challenges therein. He's really inspired and maybe just maybe...he was inspired on this Corey thing. Ooh I love my family. Good people, good advice, good food, great times!


Erika Bassett said...

Sorry to hear that things were so crummy for you. I was bummed for you and JaNae when I knew you guys cancelled your Zion's trip. At least you have people trying to set you up. You're odds can only get better. When is the blind date?

Kristi said...

Oh, Wendy, I feel your pain. That's a great story, though. Isn't it funny how set-ups don't even phase you anymore? I have a date tomorrow night...I'm not getting my hopes up. We are great girls - you are a GREAT girl - don't forget that!

natalie horrocks said...

I love you Wendy woo!! Hey, will you email me some of those pictures from our trip? That would be lovely!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Keli is coming over tomorrow to post some pictures on our computer. I guess it doesn't work with Langston's, check back tomorrow and your withdrawls will be diminished :)