Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things that Once Were Broken

This post may seem a bit sentimental for some, I just choose to say tender. It definitely is worth saying something about! I know a phenomenal, exceptional person, who has taught me so much! Her name is Melissa, I have seen her life come full circle in the last 3 years. Her heart has been broken, squished, and smashed. Some may have said that it could never have been healed. However, because of hope which came because of incredible faith she has received the blessings promised her. She chose forgiveness where she very easily could have chosen to be angry and that has made all the difference. I had the opportunity to hang out with her often during this hard time and she once said to me that something that was broken can be whole again because of the Atonement and the Savior who knows and understands all. I know that is true because I saw it happen in her. She is now married to the wonderful Mr. Jimmy Isakson and tomorrow will have her first baby. All the best Miss.

Missy and Me back in the day!


Missy & Jimmy said...

You're so sweet. You made me cry. Don't you know you can't play with the emotions of a very pregnant over hormoned woman! I love you Wendy! I definitely couldn't have made it through that rough patch without you!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Hey! Your blog is cute, and I have to admit I've checked your blog out long before you checked out ours, so I think I am the actual blog stalker!! I love reading your posts, you are a very good writer-
Yes, K&J did convert us to Weinhearts, good stuff! By the way, you don't need to introduce yourself as 'Wendy, Keli's sister,' I definitely know you well enough by now :)
You should put that Celine Dion song on your blog page that you have/had as your cell phone ringer...What was the name of that again?

natalie horrocks said...

She is the greatest isn't she? I sure am lucky to have her as my sissy!! Thanks for being there for her when I couldn't be!

The Pizanos said...

What a sweet post!! Amen!! She is amazing.