Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 Vacuums, 1 Brick, 1 Chair, and 1 Ironing Board = PEACE OF MIND

The result of an overactive imagination and a week of home aloneness.
It may not stop a burglar but at least they won't get in easily! I dare you to try.

The finishing touch, a brick.
Do you blame me?
Am I dumb for blogging about this? I figure if you are prone to delinquint behavior and want to break in you probably aren't one to bloghop. I hope I'm right!


JaNae said...

Are you really scared...or just bored so you decided to blockade the door? Is the room going to look different when I come back? Are you sure you want to ride that stupid train on Friday?

Dan and Katherine Miller said...

I love it! I would absolutely, positively, 100% do the same thing! That is great, I hate being home overnight alone! Dan is leaving for training in October and I am searching for plane tickets so can come or you may see pictures on my blog of the exact same thing! :o) That is great!

Kat said...

The only people who don't understand the extremes we take when we're home alone are men.:) It's good to here from you. Our house is in West Jordan. We're really excited! Two major steps in our lives this year. Wow! We must be crazy!!! Well, we're having a little girl and no I will not be teaching. I'll just be a mom...CRAZY!!! Is your friend excited to be coaching? I hope so. Be sure to tell her to be patient and to be mean at first.;)

Tiffany and David said...

You can sleep at our house any time, just know that you may have two little boys in bed with you before morning. They love you so much.

mh said...

Hey, Miranda clued me into your blog. I hope you don't mind! It has been fun to read. I love the marathon! Anyway, I will be in tough!