Sunday, June 29, 2008

Two Girls, 600 Miles, and Majesty

Two Girls = JaNae & Wendy
600 Miles = Bucket load of money for fuel
Majesty = Zions National Park

What a fun little adventure we had over the last three days. We decided to go down to Zions this last weekend for a super fun little vacation. I don't want to write a whole narative so here's a rundown of the highlights.

Highlight #1 - Angel's Landing: SCARY

Us at the top. Do you see that little piece of white between us? That's the ledge. At this point I was thinking, let's just start down so I can get this over with. But isn't the view awesome. Saddie suggested we wear angel wings up to the top, thanks for the suggestion Sade, maybe another time.

This is the sheer cliff to the right and there was another one to the left and the top was probably only 4 feet wide.

Highlight #2: Mercy - Chipmunk Style
On the way up to Kolob Reservoir we were driving behind three cars the car 2 ahead of us hit a chipmunk just enought to send the little rodent into convulsions. By the time we noticed it was too late. The poor little guy was laying on the road lined up with our tires. JaNae had no time to react, we both screamed and then felt two little thuds. It was so sad, but in a way happy for the little guy who's spirit floated straight up to heaven. The chipmunk above was not the actual victim.

Well those are all the highlights that I feel like writing about for now. There were many more including a little National Park Trivia, Saddie Stratton, bathroom breaks in excess, a VanDenAkker (see below), Mini Erika (see below), and rebel hiking off the trail (see below).


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

So jealous of your adventerous life!! You do so many cool things- you rock Wendy!!

Melanie and Steve Barnes said...

I like the T-shirt! I wear mine all the time, and every time I wear it I miss BYU-Idaho. Fun times! P.S. I love checking out your blog, so cute.