Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Whoop Whoop

We did it! Thanks to all our supporters for cheering us on, I know you would have been lining the streets cheering us on if [insert your own excuse here]. I couldn't have done it...no, I only did it because of you [tear]! Some even overcame great obstacles: JaNae suffered from a severe physical ailment and Shanel suffered from lack of sleep due to the sheer anticipation of it all. I would just like to commend my three Third Degree comrades for sticking it out. We did it!


JaNae said...

What a good time we had! Thanks for making it more exciting by coming up with the packet idea....amazing!

OzzyFamily said...

I heard about how fun your triathlon was! You are such a great roommate to JaNae. I think she is going through "Wendy withdrawals" this week while in Rexburg. Poor thing. She likes to be busy. By the way you have the cutest clothes... good taste Wendy! Whenever JaNae borrows something I always think to myself "Wow... so cute!" Come to find out it is usually something of yours. (She has cute clothes of her own too!) Anyway, hope you have a good week! I like checking your blog out from time to time.

Becky Smith said...

Wendy! I noticed that you made a comment on my blog once so I thought I would check out your and see what you were up to! I am so impressed with your triathalon! Way to go! What is going on with you? Where are you living? Well it was fun to see your blog! p.s. this is becky smith a.k.a pehrson