Saturday, July 19, 2008

Work Out Plan... I'm sticking to it!

Let me give you just a quick update on my work out plan progress (see previous post from July y 2nd). The Des News 10K is this Thursday and do I feel ready? The answer to that question my friends is yet to be determined. I probably won't really know until it's all over, could I have done more...probably.
Let me assure you there is no deviation from the plan on Sundays! Way to keep me on track Dallan.


Erika Bassett said...

That's the spirit! Keep it up! Determination always gets us farther than we think we can go! Believe me I know! Look forward to running with you. See you on the starting line....wait for me at the finish line. =0)

Heather said...

Wow, if I could run like 1 minute, I would be happy! We should definitely get together! I am very flexible and don't work very often, so let me know when you would like to!!!