Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And They're Off..

All ready for the big trip.
Don't those eyes just melt your heart?
Keli and Addi left for Florida Saturday morning, they will be there for the next 28 months. Sad day for me! But I am really excited for them, what a fun adventure and great time to experience life in the South.
I got a text from Keli today and this is what it said - "I saw an was just walking across the road!!!!!!" To that I say...welcome to the SWAMPS and never leave your child unattended outside.
I hope you have the time of your lives but remember your western roots. Jacob, best of luck with school. I love all of you like crazy!


Missy & Jimmy said...

Yahoo! Now they are in our neck of the woods! You should come and visit before October then we can see you too!

Heather said...

Where in Florida?? I lived there for a little while. The alligators aren't too scary... it's mostly the snakes! I'm going back in 3 weeks! What are they there for? I LOVE Florida and would move back in a heartbeat if my family wasn't all here!