Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've Created a Phenomenon

These pictures are for Malia - Sorry it's taken me so long to put them up, 8 hours is a really long time to wait especially when you sleep for 7 of them.

Another bonfire up the canyon and this time we added baggie ice cream. Just wait in a short little while it will be all the craze, who needs Leatherbys, Iceberg, or Nielsen's? The only hitch in the ice cream making process last night was the lack of newspaper to wrap the bags in, there was potential for frostbite, but we seemed to manage alright.

The flavor of the evening was made by Malia- Chocolate Almond Joy - Oooh it was good!

Berkie D and Darrence getting serious with the duct tape.

Malia, Josh, Sam, & Emily shaking it up!
More friends shaking it up!
Malia flaunting her winner flavor, and Tina wanting some really badly!
Maryann, Kristi & Becca warming up by the fire.


Mi Mi said...

HA! Thanks Wendy. That really was a great Saturday night event you planned. Thanks for the fun night!

Kristi said...

Good times, good times. Thanks for organizing that - it was a ton of fun!

Anonymous said...

We'd love to do a cousin dinner! Sounds fun!

Erika Bassett said...

Wendy~you never cease to amaze me!!! I'm quite impressed with knowing that you put together the bunk beds but even more impressed after reading your blog & learning that you painted them as well! No wonder they are so stylish! I'm definitely a witness to how many times you rearrange rooms. Your husband will just have to buy a huge house like Bro. Rose's. Sorry I missed out this past weekend . I'm glad you guys had so much fun with the ice cream thing and I'm hoping you'll do it again soon.

Melanie and Steve Barnes said...

You have to teach me how to make this ice-cream. Seriously, you have to send me the instructions. Love ya!