Saturday, August 2, 2008

Luau and the Larson's

Can I just say my family has turned out very nicely my parent's have done an exceptional job with us, we did a pretty good job with them too!

Since Keli and Jacob and the most adorable Addi are leaving us for two full years we decided that we better get in some quality family togetherness time before they go. So to celebrate the Larson's we got together at Todd and Britt's and had a little luau, complete with Lei's, Hawaiian Haystacks, and Hawaiian names for all, mom wanted us to do a hula...but we opted for bowling, boxing, and tennis on the Wii. Great times!

Grandpa and Addi who's trying to decide if she can handle the Larson's for the next week.

Let the Wii games begin!

Dallan and Jacob boxing. Fierce!

We all know Tiff can be feisty, but have you seen her play Wii boxing? She took fiesty to a new level!

Justus was so excited to play Wii bowling and it gave Uncle Todd some "kid practice".

Keli is just happy to be in Utah.

The best mom ever cleaning up after us. Thanks for all you do!

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Looks like fun, and yes... you better still come to Boise even though Keli and Jacob no longer are here. We would LOVE to have you stay with us!