Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This 27 Thing Isn't so Bad

I'm 5 days into it and so far 27 has been a great year. To celebrate we went to dinner with my parents at CPK. I left the card from my Mom and Dad on the table, so sad. Ooh well I guess someone got a happy birthday present, you're welcome...whoever you are! I also got flowers from a few really great people that I know, including my parents! The flowers and the people made me smile, BIG. Thanks everyone for the B-day wishes. Especially Erika for the beat boxing voicemail and Zachary for a happy birthday wish to yourself. The best birthday gift came from Justus, he was so darling, he gave me little pieces of paper that he colored and so lovinglny cut into little pieces, that's what he wanted to give me and I LOVED IT!

So pretty.

Yes.. it's a milk carton. Please don't judge.

My very favorite gift, PAPER!
Don't you love the dirt...ooh the joys of being a kid!


Kim & Devin said...

Happy Birthday Wendy! I didn't know, or I might have sent you some cut up paper myself.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Best wishes Ü