Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Loving and Loathing - Installment 2


My daily route to and from the Church Office Building always takes me down South Temple, a street laid out by Brigham Young which was to be the "finest and most prominent avenue in Salt Lake City". Today as I was made my way east on this historic drive under mature shade trees frosted with the first snow of the season and past some of the oldest and most historic buildings in this great city I couldn't help but think how many seasons this one short stretch of road has witnessed. How many prophets of God have been slowly carried, by horse and wagon or motorcade, down this seemingly insignificant stretch to their final earthly resting place? How many pioneers have labored down this road upon their entrance into this great valley that they had sacrificed all to enter? How many leaves have fallen from the trees in the fall or how many flowers bloomed in the spring? Even more than that I have personal memories of Pioneer Day races, I know each bush we used as hiding places for our water bottles on those early summer morning training runs. Most of all I love the story of the seasons in the trees, the branches hanging low with heavy snow in the winter, the flutter of autumn leaves in the fall, the boldness of green in the summer, and the new buds in the spring. Well that's what I love this week!

P.S. I can't think of anything I loath right now, so I'm just sticking to the love.

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

well said... I do love this idea and I LOVE the way you write