Saturday, May 16, 2009 just goes on!

It is year TEN since I graduated from high school. I'm still a Pirate, go Cyprus, home of scholars and champions! In 1999 we put together a time capsule to be opened this year, 2009. As I was going through some old pictures for a slide show I realized that my life is my life only. There is no other person who will ever live who will have the same experiences, heartbreaks, joys, trials, as me, their experience won't even be somewhat similar to yours or mine. We are all individuals and that is the way it is and was meant to be. I wish I could somehow preserve my life experiences, because they have been just what I need to get me to where I need to be. I love the people, the places, the everything. Life has moved forward and the future is bright, perhaps it seems so bright because of the illuminating experiences of the past.
Anyway, with that here are just a few pictures from the good old days. I've tried to spared you by leaving out some of the homely pictures, but for nostalgia sake I just couldn't do it. So don't make fun!
Ooh, and don't mind the carpet edges on some of the pictures, for the slideshow it was faster just to take pictures of the pictures rather than scanning them all. We didn't have digital back in the day!
2002- Tabiona: Natalie, Me, Miranda, Kat, Meghan, Stacey
2003 - Miranda's wedding day.
2003 - Nauvoo: Me, Keli, and Tiff
2006 - Ecuador
Who knows when - Temple Square: Me, Todd, Keli, Tiff
2004: Tiff's wedding day.
2002: Kat's volleyball game
2001 - Hawaii: Kat, Mir, Me

2001: The day Tiff went into the MTC

2004 - The day Todd got home from Brazil. I think this is one of my favorite family pictures!

When I talk about homely pictures, I'm talking about the two below. But for sentimental reasons I had to include them.

1999? - I LOVE THIS PICTURE, just because of the occasion, it was the Saturday before Easter what we like to call "Bunny Day" in our family. My parents thought they would be the awesome parents that they are and hide our Easter baskets in impossible places. I think I found mine in the engine of our suburban. This picture was taken hours after the hunt began and probably seconds after it ended. It was ridiculous, but fun! I hope my siblings don't retaliate for putting this picture up. It's pretty homely of all of us!

A fateful summer night in 2001: I couldn't leave this picture out. If you look close enough you can tell that I have been crying, hence the swollen red eyes, and if you look even closer you will notice I'm missing an eye brow. Well let's just say, when your best friends says "let's try this on you first"... DON'T DO IT!!!


Kim and Devin said...

That is beautiful Wendy. I don't think any of your pictures are homely, you look cute in all of them! I like what you said about our life being our own and no one has the same experiences, etc. You are the best!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

How fun! I love going through old pictures and remembering the old days :)

And, I agree... you DON'T look homely in any of them... you are BEAUTIFUL!

Lindsay said...

Hey Wendy!! I loved your blast from the past!! My appearance has changed so much since I have been in High School that not to many people recognize me at a glance. :) I have to say that you are quite photogenic and look cute in all your pictures...homely! Pha!

P.S. The pictures were taken right out of Fairview heading to Salt Lake on the busy highway. If you know Erika and I we can't pass up the opportunity for a great matter what the conditions may be ;)

mom said...

I had tears as I walked down memory lane with you, I am so glad that the future is full of faith, hope and brightness, if not sometimes knowing the past is gone, except the memories could be overwhelming. You have done wonderful things with your life I am so proud of you.
Love ya

Keli and Jacob Langston said...

I love it! I think you all look great in the Easter picture, but man is that really what I looked like...hahaha? Wendy I just have to say that you are great and I love you so much!

Heather said...

Haha, those pictures are AWESOME!!! Oh man, I can't believe how old we are....

Gerbers said...

How fun! Wen, life has gone by so fast... 10 years, it's crazy! But I don't feel old. A little wiser (a little) maybe but we have like a bazillion years left to live! I loved the pictures! :)

Cameron said...

Good times! Thanks for the trip down memory lane and for being such a great friend all these years! I showed Zachary the picture of your poor eyebrow and all he keeps repeating now is "Wendy... Wendy....I'm so sorry for your poor eyebrow!"
Love ya lots!