Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Delayed Flight = Finally a Havasupai Post

I'm sitting in the Panama City airport at this very moment, my flight was delayed and lucky me they have Internet. So finally here goes the Havasupai experience. I don't think post will be sufficient but they it will just have to do.

Here's how it all went down.
In the beginning we met our friend JaNae at the Caverns and we...

...comforted Kim and reassured her that she could do this and that her pack was not quite as big as she was (it was close) and that it was a very very long walk back to Salt Lake if she wanted to bail.

Then we all tried on our packs and reassured ourselves that they were all about equal in weight even though we all claimed we had over packed and that our own was definitely the heaviest.

It was then time to grab a bite to eat and head on up to the trail head. We ate at a quaint little restaurant in Peach Springs, okay it was the ONLY one close that was open. But it was surprisingly good food! I ordered a sandwich for the morning because I knew I would be hungry, despite the laughs and jokes I endured about my cold turkey melt for breakfast, I know everyone else was secretly wishing they had one too.

After confirming our 3:30 Arizona time (4:30 Utah time) departure it was off for an awesome nights sleep in... MY TRUNK... it's surprisingly roomy, I think I slept better than the others.

And then as soon as we knew it the clock ticked 4:30 Arizona time...we were late! So up like a flash we secured our packs and took a billion pictures and finally we were on our way!

Only stopping for brief moments to take pictures of the scenery and our sausage like fingers!

We were just like little pioneers trucking along with zeal and excitement.

We finally made it to the village, it was a pretty quick 8 miles filled with song and a little dance and a whole lot of walkie talkiing.

Jackpot! 2.1 miles past the village and voila, there it was. Havasu Falls! It's beautiful, but even more beautiful after you've been carrying a 25 lb. pack on your back for 10 miles.

We ate a little lunch, this was Kim's one meal that wasn't jerky. We heard the following phrases from Kim about 200 times in 4 days. "What do you want for breakfast? Jerky?" "What do you want for lunch? Jerky?" "What's for dessert? Jerky?", "I WANT JERKY"

Then it was off to the water. Ask JaNae about being clotheslined by the log.
Cute Beckster on our hike to Beaver falls. Check out that water.

We defied death a few times.

Tina at the bottom just after climbing down.

Forging the river for the 30th time that day. A BLAST!

Me an Kasey in the cave.

Eating breakfast at Havasu Fall.

Me and Kasey, we were really thirsty!

This is how you wash your hair in the wilderness. Everyone thought it was really funny, not sure why, but if a simple every day task such as washing your hair makes people smile, I'm happy to oblige.

This little two man tent had many functions: changing room, bedroom, storage room, squirrel robbery prevention, sauna. The best part about this tent is that it wasn't quite long enough for any of us but three of us slept like champs in it.

We all made it out. Erika was my hero on this little trip. What a trooper!

It was a great trip, one I would highly recommend to everyone!

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OMGosh!!! That looks fun! Good for you Wendy :)