Sunday, August 23, 2009

An E.Z. Strider Shoe Box and the Last Decade

In my limited imagination a time capsule is something that you do to remember a special occasion. You put a few special expensive little treasures into a large metal box then secure it with a chain and a padlock and hide it deep within the foundation of some new building or fence or something and put a fancy shmancy plaque to identify where it's hidden and the purpose. Then in a hundred years when you are dead your grandchildren will break it out and pull out everything and cry as they remember their dear old granny Wendy.

While I had the purpose of a time capsule correct in my mind(remembering a special occasion), you really don't need chains, impossible boxes, or a cement wall to make a time capsule all you need are good friends, an E.Z. Strider shoe box, a few personal letters, silly little nick knacks, and the passage of a few short 10 years filled with adventure, struggle, love, heartache, laughter and personal growth and achievement.
Mir and me with our "Time Capsule"

Almost exactly 10 years ago this week 8 of my friends and I got together and made such a time capsule to open in 2009. Back in 1999 it seemed like 2009 farther away than the nearest star, it seemed like it would never come but with what seemed like a few short blinks of they eye here we are. So much has changed and yet so much remains the same. So with it being 2009 the time had come to open our E.Z. Strider shoe box that Miranda has faithfully moved from Magna, to Midvale, to West Valley and finally to her new home.

So with much anticipation we pulled it out, wiped the dust from the lid and pulled out all of our treasures from our 18 year old lives.
We all wrote letters to ourselves, some of our predictions were spot on, others not so much... I predicted that I would be married and have 3 kids, hmm, yeah hasn't happened yet. We also put a little something to remember our lives at that time. I put a picture of me and my little brother and sister with our new dog and a picture of our dog that had just died. For some funny reason I don't remember the dogs being so important to me, but I guess they were, that's how limited my 18 year old life really was! I also included my acceptance letter to Southern Utah University. Each of us went through and read portions of our letters, we laughed and laughed and laughed especially at the boyfriends mentioned none of which ever became more than just that.

It was so great to get together and reminisce about our experiences over the last 10 years, although potty training, baby sleeping schedules, and labor dominated the conversation it was still a great time. We missed Allene who was busy with a brand new little baby and Stacey who is with her little family in Pennsylvania.
August 1999

August 2009
Adrienne, Meghan, Marintha, Kat, Miranda, KaraLynne, Me


Yo Momma, Yo Daddy, Yo Family said...

Tina read this to me in her big girl was fun. Oh, and I think the whole time capsule thing is a really good idea, I wish I could have done one when I was younger, it would have been cool to see how off I was about my future. Good job Dub.

Cameron said...

Thanks for making the movie for us and for all your hard work. It was a lot of fun! :)

mh said...

Thanks for everything you did! It was a lot of fun. I can't wait to see all of the pictures. I wonder what the next 10 years has in store.

Stacey said...

I'm so sad I missed the get together. I'm sure you did a lot of laughing and had a great time! I miss you guys, but it's so nice knowing that we are all still friends.