Sunday, August 15, 2010

29 Reasons I Love Being 29

To echo the sentiments of a very wise cousin who was born just three days ahead of me...

Here are twenty-nine reasons why I love being twenty-nine
  1. I am not 30 yet!
  2. I AM not 30 yet!
  3. I am NOT 30 yet!
  4. I am not 30 YET!
  5. I AM NOT 30 YET!!

Shall I go on for 25 more or are you satisfied that I love being twenty-nine!

So here's how I celebrated my awesome birthday weekend!

Charlie Chow's, heard of it? If not, get in your car and GO THERE, now! Well actually tomorrow because it's Sunday, but it's delicious. Not too bad of a choice seeing how I just Googled restaurants in Salt Lake, I was under pressure because you know how the "birthday person" is supposed to choose where to eat? Yeah, too much pressure for me, I would rather someone else plan it all out for me, so I don't have to make any decisions. Next year?Peace... that is what Becky wished for me.
I even got a sweet surprise, that of course I shared with everyone, that was the nice thing to do!
Then back to our place. I know everyone wants their birthday to be on August first, Tina and Fernando....
JaNae, Lauren, and Christi....
Nice try guys, but so so sorry. We (me and Michelle) were the real birthday girls! I am exactly 5 years older than this little missy. She's so little and young and just hit the big 24. Our friends made us each special birthday cupcakes. LOVED THEM. Not just any cupcakes, specialty cupcakes.

Kim wanted to play the birthday spanking game. I was opposed...anyone who knows me well, should not be surprised by this, inappropriate!
I suggested the high-5 game instead. It was the best 5 seconds of my life!

Kim was kind of pouty about it, but at 29 I am much too mature for such silly games. I blew out some candles, notice the placement of them, that was a trick... but I did it (in two breaths) I still get my wish, right?
The next day was my real birthday, and this is how it ended... I think it was Heavenly Father's way of telling me he loves 29 year olds just as much as he loves 28, 27, 26... all the way down to 0 year olds!


Keli and Jacob Langston said...

Thanks for the post Wen Wen. There is another great reason for you turning means I just had another great year with my sister Wen Wen. Love ya! (good choice with the high 5 game...hehehe).

Saddie said...

YEAH HURRAY! Happy B-Day Wen!

You're making me feel old - ugh! :)

Kathryn said...

Happy birthday! It was so fun seeing you! And thanks for rubbing it in that you will always be 3 days younger. :P <---- That's me sticking my tongue out at you!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Happy birthday!! I am lovin' your hair! SUPER cute!!! :)

JaNae said...

He loves 30 year olds too!

Hoopswim said...

Super post, and that sky really was spectacular!