Saturday, October 9, 2010

All About My Recent Happenings

I may be slightly OCD. See this lawn? I CAN'T HANDLE IT! It needs a mow, the lawn mower is broken. I've been known to drive 1/2 hour to my parents and get their mower just to mow the lawn and drive a 1/2 hour back and then back again. Total 2 hours round trip. I know, slightly OCD.

I LOVE BABIES! They can't squirm away when I kiss their fat little faces, and tickle their tiny toes! The newest victim little Benny Bug! He is just so squishaliciously sweet! Love him!

Who do I cheer for. I'm totally a BYU fan, but this year I have used the words rebuilding A LOT. Is it okay if I cheer for Utah? Dad?

CHRISTMAS can't come soon enough! Tai Pan killed me this year. Seriously, I'm ridiculous sometimes.
Heard this last night on the radio. "Love Songs After Dark, FM 100" Blah Blah Blah. Changed the station quick. Love songs sometimes, blah. :)

Ooh yeah, I went here too... Salzburg Bei something or other, in the alps. Our little bed and breakfast in the background. Owned by Pres. Uchtdorf's brother, i'm pretty sure of it.

I love this white thing on my wall. Keeps me on the straight and narrow! PS I know I spelled Emissions wrong. There is no spellchecker on the white board.

Ooh and one more thing... I splurged. Cute huh?


Melisa Grace said...

Wendy! you are a doll! I'm so glad I was lucky, or blessed enough to be your roomie! You are the best!

Saddie said...

Oh that wicked Tai Pan! I was just getting out the halloween goodies I purchased there on the after holiday clearance and WOW they're fabulous, but I have a hard time breathing when I look at the price tags. (Then I chant "75% off, 75% off, 75% off in my head until normal breathing resumes.) :)

That little Otterstrom is stinkin' cute. How fun to have a new nephew!

PS It didn't hurt Levi's feelings that USU managed to win BYU.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I LOVE those shoes!!!

naomi carmen* said...

i love your white board!

JaNae said...

Who gave you that whiteboard idea?
Who gave you that cool shoe idea?

You are welcome!

Keli and Jacob Langston said...

Can you take me to Tai Pan? I want to see what they have. More importantly though, keep the pictures of little Benjamin coming!
Love ya, even your OCD :)

Hoopswim said...

BYU won, so that is good. It is ok if you cheer for Utah... I can understand that. White boards are awesome as are checklists!