Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Feel Pretty Awesome About All of This

I feel pretty awesome about the fact that I was brave enough to purchase a white coat, this white coat. Everyone else (especially if they have children) think it's awesome too and they tell me. My #1 commented on piece of clothing, hands down! My mom wanted this picture pose... Love her. The Kinect...I found the athlete within.
So did Britt.
I made this. Cut it, pieced it, sewed it, bound it, gifted it. I MADE IT! I'm awesome!

I rocked the Larson family "Minute to Win It". Even though I was loosing at this point I still felt pretty stellar about my performance.
My new $250 cooler. The Kodiak made by Polar Care. New Larson family past time. The ring toss game, yeah we're not very creative on the name of the game, but the game itself will rock your world. The little ones all to myself!
And lastly...I am the champion! Yeah, it's real competition.


Becky Smith said...

Wendy you are so much fun! I love reading your blog! I want to hear more about the "minute to win it" games! It sounds like you have an awesome family!

Hoopswim said...

That quilt is awesome... and yes, you are awesome!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

love the coat!

Shupe Fam said...

Wendy, you forgot to tell everyone that you get 7 shapes and everyone else gets 11 shapes when you race them in putting the shapes in the appropriate holes.