Sunday, January 1, 2012

Babies are Like Cookies

Today I was at my parents house. We looked at pictures and talked about all of my little nephews and niece. We compared their personalities and had a quick little discussion about each of their distinct and varied little spirits. Then we talked about looks, their features, some look like the Larson's others look like the in-laws. Others, who knows who they look like, but they are cute none the less.

After this discussion I figured out why people have babies (other than the fact that it's a righteous thing to do). It's because they like surprises. You never know what you are going to get. You have the same mom and dad, but everyone of them looks different and has a different personality and spirit. It's a surprise every time and who doesn't like a nice surprise that you really have no say in how it turns out.

Cookies are like babies. Only you don't have to wait 9 months for them, 9 minutes, yes. But not 9 months. At least my cookies are like babies. I'm never consistent, I use the same ingredients but they all turn out different. The first two batches, I cooked one too long, then the second batch not long enough, then needed more flour, but then didn't cook them long enough again. So my unscientific conclusion for today is that, cookies are like babies you have the same ingredients but the way they turn out... you just never know.

So this is what I say to that... please have more babies, or at least bake more cookies. I like surprises.

Me and my sibs. Yeah, totally different. All of us.



Saddie said...

They're also really sweet :)

mh said...

I don't like surprises. I guess that is why I am done having babies. =)But, they are sweet.