Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm Really Funny - - In my own head.

I don't blog a lot because well, it takes too much brain power sometimes. And I feel like I have to be HILARIOUS.  I know I'm a pretty funny person... in my own head.  To transfer that to real words, written and coherent = too much work.  So I don't very often.
But my life has been random and exciting lately.  So you, my faithful followers deserve a piece of me.  Take it or leave it, treasure it, because you may not get more of me for a while.

Dedicated to my roommate who thinks I'm sleeping.  Tricked ya!

I live with these.  Infestation, I'm demanding my rent be reduced.  

This is what we call Heck with Heather or heck with Darnell.

Antelope Island Moonlight bike ride. Did you know Islands usually only have one way on and off them.  And do you know how many people ride?  Skinny road = big traffic jam. Still fun.

Front yard. Two lasted all night. I did. 

Yeah I know, I golf.

I saw it first.

Riding on a train for 2 blocks can make a 3 year old's life.  That little yankee with the bent ears is my favorite 3 year old. Very favorite.

Boston pedicure.  I will carry a little piece of Boston with me forever, or at least until I repaint my toes.

Ensign peak takes 12 minutes to hike up. 12, not even workout worthy. But a sunrise spectacular greeted me at the top.

London's got nothing on Larson Olympics 2012.  We killed it! 

 That's all I've got in me tonight.  Peace out for another while. Until then.


Krissi said...

Fun!! We should do fun things like the Olympics. You're cute Wendy!

Melisa Grace said...

those spiders are creepy!! yikes!

Becky said...

I miss you! Please come visit soon.