Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's My Life, Episode 2: HIGH-5 FOR LOVE!

I LOVE  - - LOVE.  Rarely do I get annoyed when people get engaged.  On rare occasions it is a relief, because well that darling, fun, beautiful "has it all together" girl who took all of the attention of several men now has that bling on her finger. Which means that all those swooning circling boys hoping for a break-up now have to wave the flag of defeat and focus their attention again on finding the next big girly thing. Go ahead judge me if you will, sometimes that tinge of "mean girl" just comes out and yes I said it out loud and yes I published it, and yes I feel badly saying it, but it is what it is and I am who I am, and girls who have been around the dating block for long enough, you' know it's true!   

But then there are those darling little couples that it works out for and my little heart sings for them.

Let me introduce you to Travis and Rebecca.

I made this happen, I take 100% credit, and I love their love.

I've known the T-rav for a couple years now, we met in a former ward.  We've gone on a few dates here and there over the last year or so. About 6 months ago, T-rav called me to see if I could go to the symphony with him that  night, he had an extra ticket.  Unfortunately I had something going on, I was getting my hair done, my roots were back with a vengeance and I just couldn't cancel I needed them fixed stat.  I think it was divine intervention on his behalf that I am vain and couldn't live one more day with my finicky follicles.

Anyway, I told him I couldn't go and that I had plans, he never knew the real reason and quite frankly he could probably care less at this point.  I did mention that I had a friend, her name was Rebecca, and she was the little sister type, I just adored her. She would be good company if nothing else.  And you can fill in the blank  THE REST IS ___________.  It's been a good half year or so since then and well  BRING ON THE BLING, BELLS, something BORROWED, and something BLUE.


Definitely A HIGH-5 for LOVE moment.

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mh said...

I love how you write, and what you write. Keep writing! You are the best. Your posting makes me happy.