Monday, January 21, 2013

It's My Life, Episode 3: They Call it Transition...

To some, this may not be a big deal, but to's been a 4 month in the making big deal. There is a culture that is perpetuated by us, the Mormon's.  It's a culture within the culture, one that I've been a part of for the last 13 years of my life, one that most people only step into for a couple years and then successfully bow out of by way of what has been pegged a "graduation" of sorts, it typically involves a blushing bride and handsome groom.  The crowning success that YSA bishops track with tick marks on the office white board or a "Wall O Success" displaying all wedding announcements from their tenure.

I WAS one of them, I was a YSA, young single adult, now technically the "Y" in the equation has been removed and now I'm a SA, single adult. Unfortunately I was not a graduate, but fortunately my tenure was one of the longest allowed. I have had so many unique opportunities to serve.  I have been able to do things that have stretched and pulled me in ways I would not necessarily have thought possible.  I was SPORTS Co-Chair for Heavens sake!  I don't play sports, I know sports but I don't play them, I had the time of my life. Sacrament meetings were silent, allowing for great thinking time, I've had my share of free meals at mingles every other week.  I could go on, but you just can't explain the culture until you live it

So this brings me to the transition part of this message,  I was out, it was my time to transition.  It was scary for me, so I hung on as long as I could, I felt comfortable, productive, helpful, and needed in the YSA ward.  But I finally decided, January was the right time, a  new year, a new ward.  The family ward was it.  I know I have a place, I know I belong but sometimes knowing it and feeling it are different, it takes time.  I know my talents, I know my abilities, I know I can get along with people, I know I have the capacity to serve faithfully in whatever calling. But it doesn't make it easy.

Enter the Kenwood 1st Ward.  If you want an example of how to make one such as me feel welcome, you may consult the Kenwood 1st ward.  A huge blessing. They have got it right and my prayers have been answered, and to those who have said hello, stopped me in the hall, sent me a quick e-mail, remembered my name and sat by me, I thank you.  I once was the one on the flip side of this, the one who felt I needed to seek out those who needed a friend, now, I'm the needy one and this is how Heavenly Father takes care of everyone, through others.  I now understand a bit more and my life is better, much better and I'm going to love my new ward home.   

So, transitions can be hard, and may involve tears, but in the midst of the transition you find blessings, it took me 4 months to be okay with my change in status from a YSA to Wendy, I'm not a single adult named Wendy, I'm just Wendy. It's simple, and I like it.

A few unrelated photos just have to balance out the words with photos.  It's necessary.

 31 and living up the D-Land dream. Happiest place on earth especially with a 4 year old.  It really was magical for the kiddos.  Well, most of the time...

 The new Princess at D-land, we'll call her Wendalyn.  Sure I'll sign autographs as soon as I get my own movie.  
 I'm still happy to report, I'm healthy and hydrated.  After 40 minutes, 40 short minutes. 

 New glasses.  Mom looked at me and said... You Look Smart!  I hope that also means, I am smart.

 Do I get the 2012 courage award or what???  The haze even seems to be glowing red.

And...I'm just really grateful for family.  REALLY GRATEFUL!  I don't let them know enough.  So, family, I love all of you.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

yay for new beginnings! i think you will make a great wendy :-)

cute glasses!

Missy & Jimmy said...

Just wanted to tell you that I think you are AWESOME and I love reading your should do more. hint hint.

JaNae said...

Of all people YOU make the most of every trial, adventure, or unexpected change that comes your way! Before you know it you will be back to looking for those who need you in this ward...if you haven't already.

Angie said...

Wendlyn! I love you! Honestly, I love reading your blog and it makes me happy. I miss having you as my downstairs roommate. I'll be leaving the YSA and becoming ANGIE in a couple of months....I might need some cheer leading from you as I make the transition! Love ya!

Melissa said...

So I have finally made the trip to your blog! I love it! And I love that you are so happy in the family ward. You're adorable and inspiring and I love you.