Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Effects.

I'm a grown up.

I got an ear infection.  I'm a grown up, this isn't supposed to happen.

I went to Instacare which I never do. But I did.

I was prescribed an antibiotic, amoxicillin.

I took the first dose of amoxicillin on Friday AM.

I was feeling better.

Early Sunday morning I woke up and felt a giant bump on my noggin (see it?) I even googled "large bump on forehead"  because google knows everything.  I made no conclusive self diagnosis.

After church I was still not feeling great because of the cold and ear infection that started this business.  So naturally, I took a nap.  When I awoke I noticed that my throat and chest felt tight, I wasn't too worried.  Just thought it was part of the cold.  THEN I LOOKED IN THE MIRROR.   The full effects of the drug were apparent.  Ooh my wow.

Dad said to call an ambulance.  I didn't panic that much but drove straight back to Instacare where they got me in pretty quickly.  Definitely didn't want to mess around with this one.  They gave me the epinephrin and benedryl stat and monitored me pretty closely for a bit.  Looking back it is funny, but for a minute there it scared me, mostly just the chest and throat tightness.  But I'm alive.

Somewhere between the years of 5 and 32 I developed an allergy to amoxicillin.

The effects in selfies (said in a high pitched valley girl voice):

Fat lip, swollen face, and bump on the head.  This is after the shot of Benedryl in the bum and dose of epinephrin.  I had to be monitored for an hour or so before they would let me leave.

Mom and Dad had to come get me and observe me over night.  Ooh to be 5 years old again.

Me trying to make it look better with a happy excited face.

The next day I was feeling better.  But the next day again new symptoms, hives all over my body.  It's kind of hard to see in this photo, but they were definitely glaring.  I think there is nothing more annoying than itchy feet and hands.

So. If anyone is around when I have a medical emergency.  Be sure to tell the paramedic peeps I'm allergic to Penicillin and all derivatives thereof.

The end!


Lauren said...

Crazy. All those years of telling the docs no drug allergies have ended. I never would have guessed you could develop an allergy like that as an adult. Oh and such cute selfies!

Melissa & Jimmy said...

Me too! So weird, maybe it is in our genes!